Comfort After the Loss of a Furry Family Member


We’ve all been there. The dreaded part of pet ownership has happened. After having a furry member of your family for a period of time, they have passed away. This is such a difficult time of loss, and the hard part of explaining to your children what has happened is next to come. Here are some tips to help during this hard conversation.

Comfort After The Loss of a Furry Family Member1. Talk about the good memories.

Take some time to sit down and share all the good memories. For example, talk about Fluffy’s favorite snack that would make him wag his tail excessively. Laugh about the time he tried to jump high to steal a snack and only made it an inch off the ground. Treasure all the beautiful memories that were created.

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2. Memorabilia can bring comfort.

Having memorabilia of the pet can bring comfort to your child after the loss. It could be as simple as printing a photo from your phone and getting a frame to put in their bedroom. That way your child can feel like your pet is still remembered. Another idea could be ordering a custom blanket with the pet’s picture. For an older child, some places make custom jewelry, such as necklaces or rings, that can have the pet’s image printed or their remains incorporated.

Comfort After the Loss of a Furry Family Member

3. Read a story.

Most children love storytime. Finding a story that talks about pets can be comforting. One children’s book about a loved dog going to heaven is called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. It not only tells a story of what happens to the dog after passing but has great illustrations for younger ones. A personal favorite for older children and adults is the poem called “Rainbow Bridge.” Simple readings such as these can bring additional comfort.

Hugs to your family as you deal with the loss of your furry family member.

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