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We are excited to present our readers with El Paso Mom’s Guide to Private Schools. This guide aims to be a one-stop shop for families who are considering private education for their children.

Check out the info below and make sure to stop by one of the open houses for a more in-depth look at your school of choice!

FaithPrep Texas

FaithPrep Texas

FaithPrep Texas is a private, online Christian school serving students in grades K-12. The school’s goal is to help students pursue academic excellence through a personalized learning process that integrates Biblical truth around core knowledge curriculum. With FaithPrep’s unique Servant Learner program, students get a wholistic educational experience that provides rigorous academics from a Christian worldview and focuses on character development and life preparation. FaithPrep offers support to enhance students’ learning and faith experience and provides parents with strategies and techniques to help meet their child’s unique needs. Every student has a teacher who serves as a Faith Advocate and is part of a Faith Group. Parents, called Faith Coaches, are part of a Coach Community. FaithPrep provides online events such as chapel, assemblies, and guest lectures. All of these resources are designed to foster community, promote socialization, and provide support throughout the school year. FaithPrep Texas believes each student is made in the image of God, has a unique purpose, and can impact the world for good. The school welcomes the opportunity to partner with parents in their child’s education.

First Presbyterian Elementary

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Discover a school where they redefine education with the child at the center!

At First Presbyterian Elementary, their exciting, open-ended curriculum inspires your child to shine.

Dedicated teachers focus on nurturing creative minds, ensuring personalized attention for every child.

Step into the outdoors, where nature becomes the ultimate teacher, and children cultivate a deeper understanding of core concepts.

Forget rigid standards. Learning happens everywhere.

This school embraces flexibility to reach every child in the way they learn best.

The small class sizes allow peers and teachers to develop a truly beautiful bond.

Find a school where children discover the joy of learning at First Presbyterian Elementary!

Cathedral High School

Cathedral High School

Cathedral High School teaches the young men of this bi-national region a strong sense of faith, service, and community. The innovative learning models rooted in the Lasallian tradition recognize that each student is created in the image of God with infinite worth.

With a focus on positioning students for future opportunities, they cultivate the academic, college transition, career, spiritual, and life readiness of each student for an ever-changing global reality.

To be recognized not just as a student, leader, or athlete, but acknowledged as a unique son of God encapsulates the mission of this institution in calling on all young men of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to transform the vision of one’s personal self to an inspiring version as instruments of greatness with infinite worth in the eyes of Cathedral and of our creator.

At Cathedral, they say: “Where there is a need we serve, where there is ignorance we teach, and where there is despair we share our hope.”

Parent & Teacher Recommendations

Additional private schools in the El Paso Metro area

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