Greek Pasta Salad :: It’s What’s for Lunch (or Dinner)


The ye old summer staple. Pasta Salad. It’s so good it needed its own sentence. It’s cool and refreshing and the perfect side or meal as a whole.

Let me share how I make my protein-packed Greek Pasta Salad:


Wooden Spoon
Cutting Board


1 box pasta (I prefer this one if I’m trying to increase my protein intake or go meatless)
1 container grape tomatoes
1 red onion
1 cucumber
1 jar kalamata olives
1 container feta cheese
1 bottle of Greek Dressing (this is the one I prefer)

Greek Pasta Salad :: It’s What’s for Lunch (or Dinner)Recipe

1) In a pot, bring water to boil. Once boiling, pour box of pasta in and cook according to the instructions on box.

2) While waiting for pasta to cook, cut up the tomatoes, onion, and cucumber.

3) By this time, your pasta should be finished cooking. Drain your pasta and set aside in a bowl to cool.

4) Once the pasta has cooled. Add all chopped up veggies.

5) Drain jar of kalamata olives. I add half the jar normally or the full jar if I’m making double the recipe (of if my heart desires more).

6) Add about 2-3 tablespoons of dressing, enough to lightly coat all ingredients. I don’t like to saturate my pasta salads because this can make them mushy. And no one wants mushy pasta.

7) Serve immediately or put in the fridge for later.

8) When serving, sprinkle with the feta. I don’t like to add the feta earlier either because it makes the cheese mushy. We like texture around here.

9) Enjoy!

You can, of course, use any type of pasta you would like. If you would like to add more protein to the dish, chicken would be a good additive.

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