El Paso Mom’s Top 12 Blog Posts of 2023


Well, another year has flown by (as they always seem to do). During this year, we’ve worked hard to consistently create quality content about motherhood, hobbies, relationships, entertainment, life, our beautiful city, and so much more!

We are so glad you are here, and we are proud of this positive community and our growth during 2023.

El Paso Mom's Top 12 Blog Posts of 2023To wrap up our year, we present you with our top 12 posts of 2023. We can see why you liked them, and we hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as we do!

1. The Ultimate Costco Snack List for Food Allergy Moms

The Ultimate Costco Snack List for Food Allergy Moms

Luckily for El Paso moms, we have a centrally-located Costco, making stocking up on treats accessible and economical. Most moms like having snacks their child(ren) enjoy easily available, but for the food allergy mom, it’s a must.

2. 4 Places for a Great Massage in El Paso

4 Places for a Great Massage in El Paso

Are you an expecting mom looking to get some relief? Celebrating an anniversary? Maybe you are overdue for a date night or day date with your partner? You’ll want to save this for making your mother’s day gift wish list.

3. 5 National Parks Within Driving Distance of El Paso

5 National Parks Near El Paso, Big Bend National Park

Would you believe that there are five national parks within fairly close proximity to El Paso? With a little planning, a full tank of gas, a picnic lunch, and a few potty stops, we could be smack dab in the midst of some of the most beautiful places in the United States. How lucky are we?

Check out the five national parks within driving distance of El Paso from furthest to closest.

Top 6 Drugstore Mascara Dupes for High-End Products (Part 3)

I am a mother and makeup enthusiast who enjoys finding cosmetic duplicates that will save you some time and money! Whether or not you’re super into makeup, I think we can all agree that a good mascara can make or break any look. Mascara can be used in a simple everyday look or with a full glam look as well.

5. Training for a Marathon While Breastfeeding: 4 Things You Need to Know

Training for a Marathon While Breastfeeding: 4 Things You Need to Know

In 2022 I ran my first marathon. I also exclusively nursed my third child that year. I started marathon training at six months postpartum. Breastfeeding while training for a marathon was extremely humbling but incredibly empowering. You have to respect the mileage and protect your supply.

6. 10 Fun Things To Do at Ascarate Park

10 Fun Things To Do at Ascarate Park

Located in the heart of El Paso, Ascarate Park is a popular destination for families, friends, and individuals looking for outdoor recreation and entertainment. With its vast expanse of green spaces, multiple sports facilities, and fun attractions, Ascarate Park has something for everyone.

Why not enjoy one of those 300 days of sunshine we get at the largest public-use recreational park in El Paso County?

7. 10 Reasons Why El Paso Is a Great Place to Raise Kids

El Paso

We hear the phrase “It takes a village” often; well, let me tell you that El Paso, Texas, also known as the “Sun City,” is perfect for that job.

Being born and raised in the Sun City, I am proud to raise my children in the town where I grew up, and here are ten reasons why:

8. My Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Healthy Eaters

Do’s and Dont’s: Raising a Healthy Eater

One of my biggest struggles as a mom is feeding my littles. Who knew it would be so tricky raising a healthy eater? So much “mom guilt” is tied up in how we feed our children (as if there wasn’t enough of that going around, right?). Are they eating too much? Are they eating enough? Is what I’m feeding them nutritious? Why are some of them picky eaters?

9. The Ultimate Guide to Attending Disney on Ice

The Ultimate Guide to Attending Disney on Ice

El Paso Mom’s recommendations for attending this fun event!

10. Capturing Memories: 6 Great Locations for Family Photos in El Paso

Capturing Memories: 6 Great Locations for Family Photos in El Paso

Family photos capture the memories of our most cherished ones. Looking back at them reminds us just how blessed we are. We know that when we grow old, our children will always have these gems. The photos and the memories behind them will forever be part of our legacy.

Where in El Paso can I take pictures with my family?

11. The Reality of Mom Guilt: Ways to Overcome It

The Reality of Mom Guilt: Ways to Overcome It

Being a mom, it is not uncommon to experience guilt when we try to balance the demands of work and family. In fact, “mom guilt” is a real phenomenon that affects a large number of women. Women face so much pressure to “do it all,” but often that’s just not possible.

12. 4 Parenting Styles: Which One Are You?

4 Parenting Styles Quiz: Which One Are You?

Parent/child interactions play one of the largest roles in shaping a child. It can influence everything from personality to more complex issues that can affect self-esteem and mental health. Parenting styles or “strategies” vastly differ, but they can be boiled down to four main types: permissive, authoritative, uninvolved, and authoritarian.

Thanks for being part of the El Paso Mom community during 2023. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2024!

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