4 Simple Holiday Traditions for Young Children


This is going to be the first Christmas where my son semi-understands that something special is happening. I have such fond memories of Christmas when I was a child. Some of my favorite moments were around holiday traditions with my family. As I’ve gotten older, I feel that the holiday has somewhat lost its spark. And I feel a lot of pressure to ensure that my son grows up loving this time of year. My parents didn’t have any extravagant holiday traditions. But I still loved this time of year with them.

4 Simple Holiday Traditions for Young Children

With that said, I want to incorporate some simple traditions for my son and our busy lives.

1. Decorating a Felt Christmas Tree

I ordered a felt Christmas tree for myself to have full creative authority over. Right now my son is very much a tactile learner. So I think he will love that he can move things around whenever he feels like it. Bonus points for being an easy activity for mom with limited messiness.

2. Cookie Decorating with Cousins

I will also be ordering a cookie decorating kit from a local vendor. We are inviting my son’s cousins over to decorate the cookies. I love this idea because it gets all the kids together. We can also play Christmas music and have a dance party. (I am known for being the crazy Tia that dances and sings.) It’s also a bonus gift for my brothers and their wives who don’t necessarily have to attend and can go out and run errands.

3. Advent Calendars

This year I only purchased an Advent calendar for my son. But I hope to expand the tradition to include the adults that live with us (my husband and my parents). This year I got my son a Thomas the Train Advent calendar since he loves all things with wheels. In the future, it’ll be fun for all of us to share what we get each day as we count down to Christmas Day.

4. The Magic of Santa

I feel that this last one may not be for everyone. But it was a very big tradition in my childhood. I believed in Santa for a lot longer than I care to admit. But it made Christmas feel so magical. The anticipation would grow, and trying to catch a glimpse of Santa through groggy eyes was the absolute best experience for me. I can’t wait to see my son’s eyes light up each year when he sees presents magically appear on Christmas morning.

I hope you find this small list of holiday traditions helpful, especially from another mother who tends to feel extreme guilt and pressure to ensure my son has a magical childhood. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and remember our kids will see the magic in the simple things.


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