Our Favorite SNL Christmas Skits


Need a good laugh as Christmas approaches? Hey, me too! So check out this compilation of hilarious SNL Christmas skits to make your grown-up season all the more merry & bright.

If these SNL Christmas skits don’t have you “ho ho ho-ing,” I don’t know what will.

So snuggle in with a cozy blanket, some holiday goodies, and a warm drink for a little “me time” and a good laugh.

  1. Christmas Morning 2020.

Dads, watch this one!


2. Best Christmas Ever 2018.

Matt Damon for the win!


3. Christmas Cards 2021

That dog though!


4. The Christmas Conversation 2020.

Could this BE any more 2020?


5. Home for the Holidays 2019.

Ah, family. Ya gotta love ’em.


6. A December to Remember 2020.

It’s a major purchase, Nathan!


7. Your Hometown 2012.

Obviously, this is not El Paso.


8. Adam Sandler :: Hanukkah Song 1994

Obviously, this one is about Hanukkah instead of Christmas. No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, this one is sure to be a funny blast from the past.

Hope these brought you a bit of cheer. Do you have a favorite SNL Christmas skit we didn’t mention? We want to hear about it in the comments below. ‘Tis the season for a good laugh. Happy holidays!

Originally posted December 2021.

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