Mama Claus :: The Christmas Magic Is You!


Mama Claus? Silly title, right? I’ll be honest, it’s a title I’ve become familiar with recently. I always saw it and never had much thought. But I’ve realized I’m a Mama Claus.

I love Christmas–the excitement, the sparkle, and all the love it brings. I put it up above all the other holidays. It needs to be perfect for my kids. As soon as the pumpkin spice wears off, it’s on in our household. I want it all: the lights, Christmas blow-ups, and the cutest decorations with all the sparkle. I like to turn our house into a Christmas wonderland inside and out.

I’m determined to make Christmas memories.

So our calendar quickly fills up with activities for the family. A date for going to cut the Christmas tree, school presentations, church recitals, visit the various tree lightings in town, visit Santa, and the list goes on. 

As the calendar is stretching, I remind myself to focus on what Christmas brings to our family. Every night I’m convicted to read and do an activity from our Advent calendar. 

Moreover, sitting on the very top of it all, we squeeze time to hunt for the gifts on those lists. Either online or locally, not just for the kids but for everyone else as well: family, friends, teachers, etc. And then we have to find the perfect hiding spot for them.

Mama Claus :: Thank You for Making the Christmas Magic

Before we know it, the eve of December 24th arrives and Mama Claus suits up. 

She makes sure every stocking is filled.

She makes sure the helping elves assemble all the surprises.

And that every present on the list is under the tree.

She eats all those cookies left for Santa.

And takes the perfect picture of her hard work.

As silent night settles in, she admires it all.

But I can’t help but ponder on some questions.

Mama Claus, is your stocking full too? Did you get what was on YOUR wish list?

I know we say all the hard labor is worth the look on their faces.

Nevertheless, make sure you are ok this holiday season, Mama Claus.

Add that little extra for you in the cart when shopping. Maybe there is something you’ve been eyeing. I know many times we give ourselves the budget excuse, but please add something in that cart just for you.

Grab yourself that yummy holiday drink when you’re out. It’s amazing what a cup of deliciousness in our hands does for our spirit.

Reach out to a friend if you’re not ok. Don’t be embarrassed to do this. Things can get into a frenzy quickly. Lean on friends for support. (My inbox is always open.)

Don’t sweat the small details. Our kids will not remember what ornaments we used or the color palette we decided on this year.

Most important of all, you can say no to anything, especially if it will jeopardize your mental health. You’ll still be the best Mama Claus for your family. 

In case you haven’t heard it from anyone else, thank you for putting the Merry in Christmas with your amazing Mama Claus magic. You are the Christmas magic!

Originally published December 2021.

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