How to Survive Your Kids’ Sleepover


Having sleepovers for your kids can be fun yet challenging. When I was growing up, my house was always the sleepover spot. I would have friends over almost once a month, and it was just so fun. NEVER did I realize the hard work behind it, but 21 years later, it all now makes sense. Thank you, mom, because sleepovers are HARD!

Now that I am a mom, I have entered the stage in which my son loves having playdates and sleepovers. The boys enjoy coming over and spending the night. I love it. I get to do what my mom did for me. And I also feel humbled to see that the kids enjoy coming over so much and their parents feel comfortable allowing them to come over. However, it does bring a lot of responsibility to your plate.

I have been able to develop a good system that can make sleepovers fun, organized, and sane. Not only for me but also for the kids. Here are some tips on how to survive a sleepover.


Communication is KEY! Always, communicate with the other parent(s). I have learned that kids love making plans ahead without consulting us first. Create a group text or call the moms of the kids that are making plans to secure a good date and time for the sleepovers to happen. If you communicate with the moms first, it is easier to put the organization on the planning. Otherwise, the kids will want to be spending the night every weekend without realizing the family plans already scheduled.

Meal Plan 

Plan the meals ahead and stock up for the visit. If you don’t prepare yourself in this area, you may find yourself running out of food, drinks, and patience. Especially when it comes to growing boys who get hungry every hour. Stock up on sports drinks, water, and snacks such as chips, granola bars, and fruit. Also, if you know of places that have good large combos, don’t stress out and order food!

How To Survive Your Kids' SleepoverI am a huge fan of Speedy’s Pizza. They have a combo that includes five pizzas, wings, sodas, a cookie, and a salad this combo is perfect for the kids. They finish two pizzas just in the first round. And then they feel comfortable to grab another slice at whatever time they get hungry again.

Prep and Chores

Get the room ready with the help of your child. Take this opportunity to add those extra chores for your child. I usually take advantage and have him vacuum, clean his room better, and help me with a few other items around the house. Get the room ready by making space for the air mattress or extra mattress, putting extra toys or technology away, and setting up a space where the kids can put their bags and belongings aside as they arrive.

Do Fun Stuff Together

Be part of the fun. Plan a movie night with them, or cook a meal together. They like to do things together and sometimes too many video games can get boring for them (surprising but true!). When you do things with them, they enjoy it, and they feel engaged with the family. My husband likes to take them to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate, and they love it. I usually find a cool movie to watch.

Rules Don’t Have To Be Tough

Talk to the kids. Have a good conversation. Give them the rules and chat with them kindly yet straight to the point. While it is a great idea to have kids be together, and we know kids will be always kids, rules have to be applied. Tell them what you expect and how you are trusting them, give them that sense of respect towards them, and also how you expect that respect back towards you and your home. Be appreciative of the kind acts they show, and remind them how this sleepover can still be fun regardless of some rules. Some rules I give have been: no pushing each other, no open drinks in the room, throw away trash, be kind, no loud noise after 10 p.m., help pick up, and fold blankets after you get up.

How To Survive Your Kids' SleepoverThese tips don’t mean they will work all the time. Every sleepover is different, but for the most part, they do work. Personally, so far there are no complaints, and the kids still want to come back. That must be a good sign, right? It is all for the kids and having fun and great memories together.

Sacrificing your sanity for a night is worth it when you see their smiles.

Originally published February 2022.

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