Book Recommendations for the End of a School Year


The end of the school year marks the end of a period of discovery and learning, of development and growth. This is not a small feat and deserves to be recognized.

Sure, graduating kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, or college is a huge accomplishment. But I think we should also acknowledge the small steps in between that lead us to that big graduation moment.

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As the school year ends, we get the opportunity to reflect on the cycle the we’ve completed as well as what’s to come.

Books are such powerful tools to help guide young minds: they can really facilitate a conversation and create a moment of connection and intimacy.

I have beautiful memories with my children involving books and reading. Since each of my kids was born, we’ve read every single night before bed. The snuggles, questions, and presence are priceless.

Below I include some of my favorite end-of-an-era-and-look-expectantly-towards-the-future books that are perfect reads to support the transition that comes at the end of every school year. (Bonus: they make great graduation gifts if you’re looking for ideas.)

Book Recommendations for the End of a School YearI’ve shared some of these with my young kids, and I hope I can share the more advanced ones towards the end of the list when they’re older.

Congratulations on completing this school year!

Happy reading!

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