Old Friends and Mom Jeans :: Why We Need Each Other


A few weeks ago, I ran into an old friend that I have admittedly lost touch with over the years. We keep up with each other over social media, but you know how life is–sometimes it just pulls you apart. Our husbands are both high school coaches, and it took years, but we finally ran into each other at a game. It was a breath of fresh air to just vent about motherhood. The transition to two kids plus work. It was like we never skipped a beat.

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In the middle of telling our boys to be careful when jumping from the bleachers, we hugged and parted ways. Our friendship had become distant, yet so alike in so many ways. I left that conversation feeling less alone in the trenches of motherhood as a coach’s wife. A few days later I posted a family photo of us posed on a firetruck. I made sure my mom jeans were tucked high and the pooch was sucked in. It was a moment I wanted to freeze on my timeline. I didn’t expect a response or tons of hearts. But I received a DM.

Mom jeans
The mom-chic jeans!

“I am here for the jeans! Very mom-chic” the message read from the same friend I happily ran into days before. Little did she know how much I needed that. The week before I chopped my hair off hoping for a confidence boost and new look. We are both in the midst of learning how to mom two kids and remember who we are in the middle of all of it. So we talked about mom jeans and the new mom bod. We exchanged our favorite brand of jeans and excitedly sent jean steals.

There is an unspeakable bond between moms. We just understand.

You see it doesn’t take more than a simple DM to encourage a fellow momma in the thick of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s been weeks or years since you interacted or said a word to each other. There is an unspeakable bond between moms. Don’t hesitate to send that DM or compliment the new pair of jeans. Simply listening to each other about the latest kid catastrophe can make a mom’s day.

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Motherhood was meant to be done together. We crave that community whether if it’s just for a moment, or a season. For me, a casual run in with an old friend happened at a moment most needed. That instant connected us again. It was never about the jeans–it was about needing a fellow mom friend that just gets it.

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Vickie Enriquez
Victoria Enriquez is known to her family and friends as Vickie. She was born and raised in El Paso and spent some time away after grad school launching her career in engineering. By day she is an Environmental, Health, and Safety Engineer, and by night mama to Emiliano, Emi for short. She has been married to her husband Roger since July of 2015. She is a coach’s wife and loves every second of their sports-filled, busy lives! In the fall, you can find her and Emi in the football stands, and in the spring, you’ll find them on the baseball diamond cheering on their #1 guy. In 2018 she became a mom to a perfect rainbow baby, Emiliano. He is a true miracle in her and her husband’s life, and he is the center of their world. Her husband and son are the greatest joys. Vickie spends her free time volunteering with the Junior League of El Paso giving back to her community. She wants her son to grow up in a life of service and giving back, teaching him kindness and compassion. Follow Vickie on Instagram here.


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