5 Alternatives to a Mom’s Night Out for the Busy Mom


Three words that make any mom smile: “Mom’s Night Out.”

Research shows that friendships are beneficial to our health and well-being. Motherhood comes with its fair share of challenges that make a gal want to vent to someone. Women are social by nature.

So who better to share your highs and lows with than a mom friend who is deep in the trenches with you? But when? The solution for many is a coveted Mom’s Night Out.

Dinner, drinks, live music, dancing, and friends sound like an amazing way to unwind and reset. But as much as I love the idea of a Mom’s Night Out, staying up past 10 pm is a serious struggle. Besides that, I also think I forgot how to walk in high heels.

Deployed spouses, childcare, extracurricular activities, and work obligations make planning quality time with friends difficult. So how can you connect with friends despite the demands of modern motherhood?

Here are five alternatives to a Mom’s Night Out to save your sanity and fill your cup.

1. Get Physical

In addition to making time for friends, moms struggle to make time for physical well-being. Consider combining the two.

Do you have 30 minutes after morning drop-off? Invite a friend or two to meet you for a walk or run.

El Paso has some beautiful trails and walking paths you can meet at. If you have friends with children at the same school, meet in the parking lot and do a quick lap around the block. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Ditch the Mom’s Night Out high heels! Wear some comfortable shoes and catch up with each other while catching your breath. Perfect for mamas with babies and toddlers still at home.

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2. Schedule a Call

Texting and replying to an Instagram story seems to be the preferred method of contact. While messaging and social media provide so much convenience, they can also lack real connection and depth. In 2022, people worldwide averaged 147 minutes per day on social media! Instead of using your lunch hour to scroll through a friend’s Instagram reels, try giving her a call.

Now, I must admit that anytime a friend calls unexpectedly, I immediately think something is wrong. Eliminate the worry and schedule a call with a friend ahead of time. You can both block out an hour at lunch, during the kids’ nap time, or before bed to share potty training battle stories over Zoom or Facetime.

 5 Alternatives to a Mom's Night Out For the Busy Mom3. Run Errands Together

One funny thing about El Paso people is we hate driving across town. Asking a westsider to go past the downtown exit is never welcomed enthusiastically. Additionally, I can’t see well while driving at night, so a Mom’s Night Out always makes me a little nervous.

Alternatively, next time you have daytime errands to run, ask a friend if they want to come with you. You might be surprised to find we all have similar to-do lists.

Shopping and hotdogs at Costco can be the highlight of your week if you have the right company with you!

Renovating your house? Ditch the kids with your husbands and invite a friend who knows more than their primary colors to look at paint samples.

4. Coordinate Extracurricular Activities

As moms, we spend countless hours in the parking lot of ballet studios, baseball stadiums, and gymnastics lobbies.

A close friend of mine has a son the same age as my oldest daughter. They are both enrolled in religious formation classes at our church. At least once a month, we chat while they are in class instead of returning home to finish dinner.

I always look forward to that hour together.

Talk to your girlfriends about what activities their kids enjoy. Maybe you can coordinate classes at the same time. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to make new connections and friendships! Consider inviting a fellow dance mom for coffee while your ballerinas perfect those tendus.

5. Bring the Whole Circus

As much as we all need a break from the kids now and then, sometimes it’s just not possible.

The good news is that playdates will never go out of style!

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If you and your girlfriends have kids around the same age, you could have some serious fun together. Go out for dinner. Ask for two tables next to each other. The kids can hang out while the moms get deep into the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez drama.

6. Turn Mom’s Night Out into Mom’s Night In!

Earlier this year, two very close friends of mine and their daughters joined us for an epic sleepover. Between us, we have six daughters ages 5-9. We all had so much fun! The kids watched a movie, the moms enjoyed some wine, and we all ate our weight in cheese and bread.

Friendships are a great tool for mothers deep in the trenches of parenting. Having someone to talk to and share this season of life with can be very comforting. A Mom’s Night Out can be so much fun. But don’t wait until the next time all the stars align for you to get some quality time with your tribe.

What are your favorite ways to squeeze in some time with your friends?

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