Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages


There is no reason to break the bank when it comes to creating an Easter basket for a loved one. I’ve scoured the web to find some unique and cost-effective Easter basket ideas for toddlers to teens.

Teen Girls

From makeup to skincare to Nikes to coffee, The Passionate Penny Pincher, has listed 25 items to fill the basket with items your teen girl will love.

No matter how old your children get, they’ll always be your baby. And technically a college student is still a teen, 18 or 19 to be exact. Charm of gifts has compiled a thoughtful list of what your college-aged daughter might like. 

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Teen Boys

Budgeting for Bliss has some unique ideas. She suggests picking a theme, such as basketball, baseball, theatre etc.

Now, Snail Pace Transformations has a list of 25 noncandy ideas to give your college-aged teen boy. Let’s face it, candy is always a good idea, but most college freshmen don’t have the best diets (looking at you, ramen and granola bars).

Easter Baskets for All AgesGirls (Toddler to Tween)

Happy Toddler Playtime uses some unique items to stuff, like rain boots. Such a fun and different take on an easter basket. 

Cassie J Blog includes Montesorri-style toys in her Easter baskets among other items. 

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Boys (Toddler to Tween)

From legos to ninjas, Slowestuff has it all. For ages toddler to tween, they compiled a list of everything your baby boy would like. 

Productive Pete does the work for you if you have an 8-12 year old boy. She rocked the Easter basket with some of these fun ideas. 

Whatever you fill the basket with, I hope your Easter is joyous and memorable!

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