Activities to Celebrate “Día de los Niños” or “Children’s Day”


April 30 is “Día de los Niños” or “Children’s Day.” This holiday honors children in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Here are some activities we can do to celebrate our kids and be part of this celebration.

Activities to Celebrate “Día de los Niños” or "Children's Day"Learn about Children’s Stories from History

Read together stories of incredible kids who have done important things to change the world. These stories can inspire our kids and give them ideas for how they can make a difference at any age. Inspirational stories like Malala Yousafzai, Anne Frank, and Louis Braille can be a good starting point.

Participate in El Paso’s Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros or Children’s Day / Book Day

This celebration is a partnership spearheaded by the El Paso Public Library and Parks and Recreation. It involves hundreds of local organizations, parents, public servants, and other citizens, as well as commercial and non-commercial interests.

Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros seeks to promote the love of reading in children since it is one of the most important factors in the success of children in school and life. Get more info below.

Date: Saturday, April 29, 10 am – 4 pm
Washington Park

Dia de Los NinosEducate Ourselves & Our Kids About Children’s Rights

When I was a child in the 90s, there was a practice in Mexico where kids could participate in “voting” for their rights during a national elections exercise. It was part of a social movement to teach children about the importance of their civil rights and obligations.

I was very excited to participate since I was doing an “adult thing” that felt relevant and important. I’m sharing this story because it’s important to us, as adults, to teach children their civil rights as part of their protection and care.

Making sure our children understand their rights will create respectful, educated children who care for others. Also, in the future, they will be responsible adults and hopefully civil rights promoters.

This is a shortlist of websites that have helpful resources, materials, texts, and more:

Donate Things to Other Children

This day can be a good opportunity to teach our kids about how other kids need our help. Let’s educate them about community service by donating toys and clothes they don’t use anymore.

Eat Lunch or Dinner at a “Kids Eat Free” Restaurant

Check out this list of local restaurants offering this great deal for kids! Or if you prefer, cook your kids’ favorite meal and take that family mealtime to express how important your kids are to you, to their family, and to society.

Remember our children are the future of this world. So we have the enormous responsibility to educate and love them. Happy Día de los Niños!


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