8 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Kids


Easter is just around the corner! This year has gone by so fast. My niece is in town again and I like making Easter extra special for my daughter and her before she goes back to Florida. I’ve compiled a list of seven ways to celebrate Easter with kids and I wanted to share it with my fellow mommy community. If you have any more Easter ideas please share them in the comments below!

An Easter gift I made for the kids to share

1. Easter Egg Hunt

My daughter’s favorite part of easter is doing an egg hunt, and it’s my nieces favorite part also. Of course, who doesn’t like Easter Egg Hunts? I’ll admit it also brings out the little kid inside me too, and it’s so much fun to hide the eggs for them!

Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard
  • Confetti Eggs: Last year I tried to buy those confetti eggs from the store a little too late and I had to DIY. This year I bought them as soon as I saw them in-store. Some stores are already sold out, so make sure to buy them early if you want them or plan ahead of time. Here are directions for making your own.
  • Egg Stuffers: Oriental Trading is my favorite online store to find Easter egg stuffers for plastic eggs. Some other great places are Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Five-Below.

2. Celebrate Easter with Some Fun Activities

Our favorite cookie decorating kit

3. Easter Baskets

  • Build-A-Bear has some great deals for Easter!
  • Character Themed Baskets: I found that sticking with a theme or finding one in stores made putting together an Easter basket easier.
  • Shein: My daughter and niece recently started liking jewelry and hair accessories. SHEIN has a big section on their site for kids starting at $1 each. It’s a great place to add to their Easter baskets and even shop for party decorations! I got a giant Easter bunny balloon from the site and can’t wait to add it next to their Easter baskets.

More Ideas to Put Inside Easter Baskets

  • Coloring books
  • Summer toys
  • Candy
  • Pajamas
  • Books
  • Bubbles
  • Chalk
  • Sandbox items

4. Including Deployed Family Members

Deployment can be hard for kids, especially during a holiday. Giving kids a gift to remember their family member who is deployed can help bring them comfort.

My niece holding a picture of her dad during his deployment
  • Personalized Gifts: My brother is in the navy and is currently deployed. We decided to dress one of my nieces’ Build-A-Bears in a Navy uniform. She loves it and hugs it a little extra when she thinks of him.
  • Care packages: Creating a care package together for a family member who is deployed is a great way to celebrate and remind loved ones that we are thinking of them.

5. Celebrate Easter by Going to Church

Church is a great way to bring family together. I’ll admit that this year has been rough, and last year was tougher. However, going to church really motivated me and helped me teach my child more about God. Going to church during Easter is also a great way to help children learn about the meaning of Easter.

6. Read a Book Together

Reading together is always fun and a great bonding moment! Here is a list of some great Easter books for kids and a few for any time of year.

7. A Springtime Park Visit

When I was a kid, going to the park used to be one of my family traditions. The springtime is the perfect time to head to the park as the weather warms up. We had a big family, and it was so much fun to see everyone in an open space. As kids, we played together all day, cooked out, and took family photos. Here’s a list of some big parks in El Paso guaranteed for family fun.

  • Blackie Chester
  • Ascarate
  • Chamizal

8 ways to celebrate Easter with kids8. Easter Events

El Paso and the surrounding areas have lots to do to celebrate the season. Find an egg hunt, visit the bunny, or spend some time outdoors at one of these events around town.

How do you and your family celebrate Easter? Let us know in the comments.


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