Adopting a Puppy :: 5 Helpful Tips for Bringing Pup Home


Choosing to adopt a puppy from a shelter or a rescue center is a big decision, but a rewarding one. El Paso’s shelters are currently overcapacity and are in desperate need of finding many animals a new home.

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Before bringing home that pup, make sure that you and your family are ready. Check out this list of 18 Things To Know Before Adopting a Dog. 

If you’re choosing to adopt or already have, I’m so glad you did! Here are some helpful tips for bringing home a new puppy.

5 Helpful Tips for Bringing Home a New Puppy

1. Create a Routine

Creating a routine will help you and your new puppy. For example, give your puppy food at the same time every day. Take her out to go potty after eating and after she wakes up from a nap. Creating a routine will give your new pup a sense of comfort and potty training will go faster.

2. Create Their Own Space

Giving your puppy their own space at least to sleep in by crate training will keep them from chewing on everything or having accidents everywhere. Moreover, it’ll give them a sense of protection and a bit more comfort by having their very own space.

3. Give Them Something They Can Chew On

It’s helpful to have toys ready before you bring your new puppy home. If your dog is in the teething stage, redirect your puppy by giving them something they can chew on like a dog toy or chew bone.

Adopt puppy
Our new puppy we adopted from El Paso Animal Services

4. Follow the Vet’s Instructions

Our vet said that our puppy had kennel cough, which is a common illness for animals after being in a shelter. Our puppy had to take pills and liquid medicine once every 12 hours. We were also instructed to keep her away from other dogs because kennel cough is contagious. We listened to our vet, and soon enough our puppy was feeling better and both our dogs are happy and healthy.

5. Be Patient

Remember that your puppy has been through a lot. They are in a new place and are not sure what the rules are. They might be scared at first or a little bit rambunctious. It’s going to take some getting used to. Be patient with them. You got this!

Stay Informed

Follow El Paso Animal Services on social media to stay informed on current events. When shelters get full, they often host events with free pet adoptions and/or free microchipping.

Fostering and volunteer options are also available if you’re not quite ready for the commitment of pet ownership.

Choosing to Adopt a Puppy :: 5 Helpful Tips

Originally published August 2022.

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