My At-Home Hair Removal Experience: Waxing Kit Pros & Cons


On my latest “TikTok made me buy it” series . . . I purchased a waxing kit. And let’s just start off by saying, it was a wild experience! I want to share with you a funny story about my at-home waxing experience and what I learned from using it.

My Waxing Kit Experience

I love saving money. I mean, who doesn’t, right? However, sometimes there are certain things that should be kept to the professionals (at least in my case).

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I was so excited to be back on the dating scene, and after seeing a TikTok about purchasing an at-home waxing kit, I just had to have one. I liked saving money, and it seemed perfect for me!

Hair removal

Once my wax kit arrived, I followed the instructions and absolutely loved it! I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I purchased this before?” However, I later learned about the big pros and cons of using a waxing kit at home.

Waxing Kit Pros


One big pro is that most waxing kits are inexpensive and come with everything you need to get started. It’s great for facial hair removal, your armpits, arms, and legs! You can get smooth skin and save money without having to leave home. It was a dream come true at first.

Waxing Beads

I also loved that you can customize your at-home experience by buying waxing beads of your choice. And it is so satisfying and fun to see those waxing beads melt and mix it in!

Hair Removal

Waxing Kit Cons

At first, my experience with my at-home waxing kit was wonderful! Sure it was a little messy; however, I was wondering why I hadn’t purchased it before. Although, I later discovered that there are some major cons about having a waxing kit at home . . .

Hair Removal
Wax applicators that came with my waxing kit

After a few uses, I was tempted to take it a step further by attempting my own Bikini/ Brazilian wax. Like I said, mama was getting back into the dating scene and I like saving money. But yikes! I don’t recommend doing this even though the instructions say you can.

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Let’s just say that the wax turned into glue down there and that turned into a nightmare and me having to postpone my date for a week. Thankfully I can laugh about it now. (Next time I’ll definitely leave that to the professionals).

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