Alejandra Salgado-Hernandez

Alejandra Salgado-Hernandez
Ale is a proud Latina born and raised in the Sun City. She is a proud mom, wife, educator, and scholar. As a first-generation college student, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Math and Science Education, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently working on her Doctorate degree at UTEP. Ale met the love of her life (and best friend) in high school; they have been together since 2010 and happily married since 2017. After a struggle with infertility, God blessed them with 4 beautiful babies born back-to-back; their not-so-little family is her pride and joy. Her life purpose is to pave the way for her family, raise her children with love, and embrace their culture in a God-loving home. Ale is also passionate about inspiring and supporting new moms - she loves sharing her experience and the struggles she has overcome in motherhood while connecting with her friends and followers. Apart from sharing wisdom and support, she also finds purpose in donating her breastmilk as an approved donor at the Mother’s Milk Bank for NICU babies. She is excited to be part of the amazing ladies in the El Paso mom team and looking forward to sharing and learning too.
Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex

The Breastfeeding Condition That Affects My Mental Health (Managing D-MER)

Breastfeeding brings so many challenges for any mom. Whether you’re a new mom, second-time mom, or mom of multiples like me. Some of the challenges that everyone talks about are the pains that come...
Valentine's Markets/Events in El Paso You Don't Want to Miss

Valentine’s Markets & Events in El Paso You Don’t Want to Miss

Love is in the air! Valentine's is such a gorgeous month (yes, I said gorgeous, and it's still an understatement). It comes with all the celebrations of love not only towards our spouses but...
Why Mom Friends Are Important (And How To Find Them)

Why Mom Friends Are Important (and How to Find Them)

At *almost* 30 years of age, I am realizing how some friendships are not constant (although a few of them are, and that’s amazing!), but mostly, our circle consists of the phase of life...
6 Simple Daily Practices That Grow the Bond with Your Littles

6 Simple Daily Practices That Grow the Bond with Your Littles

Raising littles is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. The bond we build with our children develops over time from the moment they are born. What we do on...

5 Tips to Help Avoid Sickness and Keep the Family Healthy

It's Fall, ya'll! And that means many festivities are to come. The Fall season brings the harvest celebrations, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Thanksgiving, the beginning of the Christmas season, and my absolute FAVE: the...
Capturing Memories: 6 Great Locations for Family Photos in El Paso

Capturing Memories: 6 Great Locations for Family Photos in El Paso

Take the picture, mama! Capture the memories. Every mom’s cellphone is filled with pictures of the kids, and if you’re like me, the pictures folder is 90% pictures of them and 10% a mixture of...
Healthcare Options For Moms Who Have Lost Coverage

Healthcare Options for Moms Who Have Lost Coverage

Healthcare is crucial, no doubt about it. Furthermore, healthcare for moms is of even more importance because moms are the primary source of care for their children. Therefore, maternal health is vital to society....
El Paso

10 Reasons Why El Paso Is a Great Place to Raise Kids

As mothers, we always look for what is best when it comes to raising our children. We want them to live a beautiful childhood and life. An essential aspect of ensuring they do is...
Do’s and Dont’s: Raising a Healthy Eater

My Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Healthy Eaters

One of my biggest struggles as a mom is feeding my littles. Who knew it would be so tricky raising a healthy eater? So much "mom guilt" is tied up in how we feed...

I Wouldn’t Be the Mom I Am Without My Husband

I have nothing but appreciation for my husband as the father of my babies. As a dad, he has a job that is just as important and valuable as mine as their mom. He...