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My youngest is 11 months old. After having experienced breastfeeding, sleep regression, and introduction to solids, I felt more than ready for this little one. Well, I WAS WRONG! Teething is a struggle that is hard to tackle. This mom’s guilt, fear, confusion, and everything just hit at once. Seeing your baby in pain with a mild fever and just desperate for help is heartbreaking.

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The saying “it takes a village” becomes extremely meaningful. In our case, our youngest got hit aggressively with teething symptoms at 11 months. She not only began with severe drooling but also was hit with pain (A LOT OF PAIN!) and mild fevers. It took the whole family to find ways to adjust to the first wave of teething with tricks and routines that could help her. We have survived the first wave of teething pains, and we are now starting the second one. However, we are prepared!

Let me share with you the tips and tricks that have helped us survive teething time.

Teething Times :: Tips & Tricks for Your Little OneTeethers

Teethers have been amazing for our little one this time. I shared in my Instagram stories the best teether I had found, and I’m glad I did. Finding the perfect teether for your baby might take some time. Every baby has a preference for items and shapes they like to play with. My top three teethers based on what my children have liked are the following:

  • Baby Elefun Teething Toy was only $6.97 on Amazon, and my youngest loves it as she can hold it easier and play with it while massaging her gums.
  • Nuby Silicone Tuggy Teether Ball was only $8.99 on Amazon. My middle child loved this one because she could throw it, too!
  • Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder was only $7.39 on Amazon. My oldest loved this feeder, even though it is technically not a teether. He would enjoy it with pieces of frozen breast milk or cold fruit. The net could help him massage his gums.


During teething time, a bath helps to provide extra comfort and distraction for the little one. Do a special bath set up for your little one. Instead of having fun toys and a quick clean-up time, use this time to help them calm and release the frustration from the pain. You can do it as a separate bath time or include it in your regular bath routine. I found these amazing items that I have included on special teething pain baths:

  • Aura Cacia, Foam Bath, Calming Lavender. This is only $2.72 on iHerb. They have a eucalyptus one as well. I like that while it doesn’t create too many bubbles, it does provide the smell and you can feel a small layer of foam which means it does stick to the skin.
  • Whale Spray Toy with Lights. This cute thing was $11.99 on Amazon. I use it to distract her with the water and the lights. It works great as she becomes intrigued by it and forgets about the pain.


Finding distractions have been essential to survive a home with one kid in pain and two more kids. It can get overwhelming, not only for the little one who’s in pain but also for everyone else at home. Go for a walk, and get out of for a little bit. In our case, this summer heat is no fun. However, during the early evening while I do the bedtime routine with our two oldest, my husband takes the little one out for a walk. They take a stroll down the block while drinking some cold juice which helps her as she feels the calm of the stroller. Carrying a portable fan on the stroller helps a lot. This is the one I use:

Cold Treats

Cold treats work wonders! With the three kids, I have always explored cold treats as it helps them alleviate the pain and the itchiness. Here are some items I’ve used for them:

  • Ice – Make some ice cubes with baby water (or water of your preference) and then blend them a little.
  • Breastmilk – Used some frozen breast milk. You can do them as pops, cubes, or even just blend a little to feed them.
  • Pedialyte pops – A friend of mine suggested using these, and they are great! It works as a good summer snack for all the kids, and it also has various flavors.
  • Cold fruit slices – Anything from apple slices, watermelon, pineapple, to strawberries. Usually, children at the teething stage are already being introduced to solids, so these snacks can help to keep training and to help with the pain.


Medicine is still always a method you can use. Acetaminophen is always your best friend when it comes to mild fevers and severe pain. Do check with your pediatrician about the dose recommended for pain medication. Personally, these are the medicines I use for pain:

There are so many tips and ideas for teething waves. But every child is so different, so it is okay to explore and just use what works for you both. Stay strong, and survive teething!

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