5 Tips for Perfect Teacher Gifts


The holiday season is here and as always, we start trying to find the perfect gifts. Gifting to those we care about shouldn’t be hard. However, when it comes to finding the perfect teacher gifts, it’s easy to get stressed out. Every year I have this crazy thought to go all out and to give them the best gift ever! Then, reality hits, and I find myself running out of time, out of money, and out of ideas.

Here are 5 ideas that I like to consider when I’m planning for teacher gifts. The best part of it is that I save tons of time getting the gift together, I do save money, and I still get to put my personal touches on the gifts.

5 Tips for Perfect Teacher Gifts

Check for Wish Lists

Some schools or the PTAs may create a binder of a file with wish lists or “about me” of the teachers. Often, we find ourselves overthinking about what to gift, which is why those lists are life savers! You get to find out a lot about the teachers. Reach out to the school or even the teachers. You would be surprised by the appreciation they have for asking. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time, and it’s the perfect way to start planning for the gift.

Dollar Tree Haul

Dollar Tree is a favorite store for many of us. It has amazing prices and great inventory, especially for the holidays. You can purchase baskets, gift bags, or boxes. Find your favorite holiday cards or thank you cards, and save money on that end. This store is also a great perk if you are considering goodies for their classroom as teacher gifts. You can get inexpensive materials that teachers can use to restock their classrooms or use for their lesson plans.

Shop Local

We have so many local businesses that are unique and affordable. Take a look at their shops, visit the farmers market, or local business websites. Many businesses may have sales for the holidays. You can get anything from personalized cups, desserts, face masks, and bags. These are such cute items and can be personalized. Not to mention that you are also supporting small businesses and promoting them to others.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Do not be afraid of giving gift cards or gift certificates as teacher gifts. You can gift a movie code for a Redbox movie or even a Visa gift card. Teachers enjoy the flexibility of getting those gifts and being able to use them for themselves or their classroom. Gift cards are a convenient gift. And it’s even better when they can be purchased as an e-card! WOOHOO!

Be Unique

Be unique and original. Have your child write on the holiday/thank you card. Add glitter, use a big box, or go eco-friendly and just do an e-mail with your e-gifts. Don’t be afraid to be unique! Teachers will love and appreciate the gift whether it is in a box, an envelope, or in their inbox. The true meaning of gifting is to be kind and grateful. Don’t stress yourself and just give what comes from your heart.

Gift to Teacher

Enjoy the time of giving. Don’t be afraid to reach out to teachers to ask what they like. Think outside the box and don’t stress out! You will be amazed at how easy it can be to put together a gift for the teachers. Happy gift assembly!

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