Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in El Paso with Kids


Let’s make Martin Luther King Jr. Day more than a day off school. Let’s go beyond his inspiring one-liners and discover more about his life and legacy and how we can still be a part of the activism he began.

Martin Luther King Jr. El PasoBelow are some ideas for honoring Dr. King’s memory with your family.


Participate in the MLK Jr. Act of Service Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life serving others. One way we honor his memory is by serving our community. We may have to get a little creative in the ways we give back with kids times, but we’re moms . . . ingenuity is our middle name. Here is a great list of ways kids can serve their community.


Support a Local Black-Owned Business

Black Americans make up more than 13% of the U.S. population, but only own 7% of the businesses due to many factors. Most experts agree the cause is a combination of racism, discrimination, predatory lending, and a lack of economic and business resources in African American communities. So let’s support black-owned businesses when we can! Here’s a list of black-owned businesses in the El Paso area.


Educate Yourself First

Martin Luther King Jr. was an eloquent speaker, to be sure! You’ll find quotes from him all over your social media pages today. But if the only quotes we hear from him only make us feel good but don’t challenge us, we probably don’t understand who he really was. Today would be a good day to read (or listen to) some of Dr. King’s words in context. Consider reading or listening to one of the pieces below.

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” written

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” audio

“The Other America”

“The Three Evils of Society”

“Where Do We Go From Here?”


Teach Your Children About Martin Luther King Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement

There are so many resources available. But I think the most important thing for kids to realize is that while the Civil Rights Movement did accomplish much, the work of it is not finished. There is still much to do to ensure equality and justice for all in our country.

Here’s a booklist with children’s books about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.

Here are some wonderful ideas about inviting racial justice into our homes.

Check out this National Geographic Kids article & video: Hero for All: Martin Luther King, Jr.


Attend an Event

Sunday, January 14 |  2024 Annual Citywide MLK Celebration

The MLK Committee of El Paso is hosting this celebration entitled “It Starts With Me: Spreading Hope, Courage, and Unity” at Mt. Zion Baptist Church with guest speaker Rabbi Ben Zeidman. Get more details here.

Monday, January 15 |  2024 MLK Day of Service: “Sneakers for Asylum Seekers”

This event encourages the community to donate new or “gently worn” athletic shoes to support asylum seekers. Shoes will be collected between Thursday, Jan. 4 through Friday, Jan. 12 and sorted on Monday, Jan. 15, the national MLK Day of Service. Get more details here.

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