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Our Sun City is located in one of the most special geographical areas possible. Not only are we right at the West corner of the big state of Texas, but we are a border sibling with New Mexico and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

As we explore all parts of town, we can’t forget the Upper Valley area of El Paso.

The Upper Valley offers you a spectacular connection to the Rio Grande River and the Franklin Mountains. It is only a few miles away from some New Mexico counties such as Canutillo and Anthony. We can explore the beauty of fields, farms, and nature that make El Paso a one-of-a-kind place to live.

General Neighborhood Info

The zip codes are 79932 and 79922 which provide a lot of combinations of newly developed and established neighborhoods as well as access to highways and I-10. In the area of 79922, you can find large lots and older homes. However, in a lot of areas (mostly in the 79932 zip code), you will find new construction everywhere you look.

The Upper Valley could be considered to be the outskirts of the city on the West side. The neighborhoods are growing and building new memories for families living there. It is a beautiful place to have an even closer connection to the desert lifestyle.

Parks, Recreation, and Family Fun

Activities with mother nature will be unlimited. You are close to the Rio Grande River which has a lot of bike and walking paths in parks nearby. You are only a few miles away from the Franklin Mountains State Parks where you can camp and take pictures.

El Paso Moving Guide: Upper ValleyWe have great things near us at the Upper Valley such as the Outlet Shoppers Mall, Wet and Wild Waterpark, and wineries.


Our beloved Walmart will not let you down, and there are several neighborhood markets and supercenters nearby. In addition, you have The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso which also provides several venues of activities. You can also find stores such as the Tractor Supply Co and Cabela’s. West Towne Marketplace offers a variety of shops as well as movie theaters and restaurants. You have a variety of stores and activities that you can enjoy with the family.

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I-10 is your closest highway to approach major hospitals. However, the University Medical Center does have a location in this part of town as well as The Hospitals of Providence. Various urgent care centers are located around this area for the most convenient service to people.


El Paso Independent School District and Canutillo Independent School District share this part of town. Both districts are highly ranked and celebrated for their programs both in academic and athletics areas. Canutillo ISD, in particular, has the Northwest Early College High School. In addition, there are some private schools such as Da Vinci School for Science and Arts. El Paso Community College has a campus in this part of town as well.

Potential Drawbacks

Taking a stroll around the Rio Grande River may be peaceful, but the mosquitos are huge and bug repellents tend to not work at all. In addition, the structure of some of the older neighborhoods does not provide proper sidewalks or lighting which can lead to dangerous streets with people speeding.

Rain, it’s not your friend. Do be aware that some areas are considered flood zones, especially due to the closeness to the river. When you are doing house hunting, make sure to ask your realtor to check if it is a flood zone and make sure to add that liability to your home insurance just to be protected.

El Paso Moving Guide: Upper ValleyWhy You Might Love Living Here

I have some great memories of visiting the Upper Valley. It is the part of town where my son found his passion for football by joining the Upper Valley Longhorns. We also have countless drives on the side roads to visit the La Union Corn Maze and the Outlet Shoppes. The living style in this part of town is one of a kind. If you are someone who enjoys nature but also entertainment without so much traffic, then this area would be a great place for you and your family to enjoy.

For information about other parts of town, check out our Guide to Moving to El Paso.

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