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Even though Sunland Park and Santa Teresa are technically part of New Mexico, here in the borderland, we consider both to be an “extension” of our beloved city. With their breathtaking sunsets and beautiful scenery, Sunland Park and Santa Teresa are great options for people looking to live away from busy city life. Sunland Park has a population of roughly 15,588 residents, and Santa Teresa has a population of about 4,388. To put this in perspective, El Paso’s Eastside has a larger population (139,672) than both of these small towns combined. So if you are looking for a calm suburban area to live in, this area has lots of potential.

General Info

Although Sunland Park and Santa Teresa are neighboring towns that appear very similar, they both also have a multitude of differences that make each of them incredibly unique. The cost of living in Sunland Park is about 13% lower than the national average and 8% lower than New Mexico’s average. Although that may seem like a good thing, the median income is about $28,920 and the unemployment rate in Sunland Park is 76% higher than the national average. Therefore, it is common for people who live here to commute daily to El Paso for work. Both towns have direct access to El Paso via Interstate 10, the city’s main highway.

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As for Santa Teresa, this is a much smaller and cozier option. The cost of living in this area is about 5% less expensive than the national average. The median household income is $40,563 and the unemployment rate is 4% lower than the national average.

Both Sunland Park and Santa Teresa have nice and quiet neighborhoods where one can live comfortably and at peace. It is a very family-friendly area and relatively safe as well.

Guide to Santa Teresa & Sunland ParkParks, Recreation, and Family Fun

Both of these small towns share great family-friendly amenities and entertainment options such as Western Playland, Bob O’s, and Adventure Zone. A couple of beautiful parks in this area are Keystone Heritage Park and Braden Aboud Memorial Park. There are a variety of food and restaurants in both towns. They both have your average fast food options such as Chick-fil-A, Mcdonalds, and Taco Bell. But there are also a couple of fine dining options like Ardovino’s Desert Crossing and Corralitos Steak House in Sunland Park as well as Billy Crews Fine Dining in Santa Teresa.


Both towns share the same school districts, which are Canutillo Independent School District and Gadsden Independent School District. For more information on the academic performance at CISD, you can click here, and for more information on the GISD, click here.

Potential Drawbacks

Though Sunland Park and Santa Teresa both have a lot to offer, they do require a commute to El Paso, which some might consider a drawback. Depending on where you are headed in El Paso, an average commute could take about 15-20 minutes from Sunland Park and 25-30 minutes for Santa Teresa.

A Part of El Paso

It is abundantly clear that both Sunland Park and Santa Teresa have a lot to offer and are both amazing options for families. Although I personally have not lived in either of these areas, I have spent time visiting both. I have nothing but positive things to say about our awesome neighbors and will forever consider them to be a part of El Paso.

For information about other parts of town, check out our Guide to Moving to El Paso.

Statistics for this guide were found here and last updated in 2022.

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