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If you’ve ever dreamed of a place where the moon shines as bright as the smiles on your neighbor’s face, look no further than Horizon City, Texas. Tucked away in the furthest east corner of El Paso, Horizon City is a gem that is just being discovered. Filled with new restaurants and new shopping centers, this community is waiting for you to call it home!

General Neighborhood Info

First things first, let’s talk numbers. The median income in Horizon City in 2021 was $60,891. However, over 8,000 homes have been built in the last two years significantly altering that information. Now, that income does not seem too high, but the cost of living in Horizon tends to be a smidge lower than the remainder of the city. Gas prices in Horizon tend to be lower than in the city of El Paso. Property taxes are also a tad lower than other areas in El Paso with comparable home values.

Speaking of home values, let’s talk real estate! Horizon has a diverse set of subdivisions. You have older homes that were built in the early 90s to brand-new homes that are still in the middle of construction. You have homes that sit on an acre of land to brand-new custom-built homes that have spared no details. But you can still find comfortable family-friendly homes for under 200k out in Horizon. Whether you prefer a luxurious custom-built at 1.5 million or a charming humble home fit for a first-time homebuyer, the horizon’s the limit!

El Paso Moving Guide: Horizon CityParks, Recreation, and Family Fun

So now that we’ve sorted finances, let’s talk about the fun stuff–family activities! Horizon City is a family-friendly paradise! You have city parks in almost every subdivision of the community. Shaded parks, parks with basketball courts, and parks with splash pads. One must-visit spot is Desmond Corcoran Park, where you can catch a pickup game of basketball or baseball or let the kids loose on the playground. Golden Eagle Park off of Darrington Road is equipped with a fun splash pad for the area’s hot summer days.

For a wilder adventure, head to the nearby Cattleman’s Ranch (about a 15-minute drive east). It’s not just a restaurant–it’s a natural wonder filled with animals, a petting zoo, a lake, and walking trails that’ll make you feel like a true pioneer. Don’t forget your camera, because those sunset views are worth a million dollars.

Grub and More

Since El Paso has recently expanded into Horizon, there is now a wider selection of restaurants and shopping than there was two years ago. Within the last 24 months, Horizon City has gotten three new Starbucks, two Applebees, two Dutch Bros, Chipotle, Chick Fil-A, Ross, Burlington, and Ulta. And so much more is still being constructed. There has been so much growth in this area since 2020 that it has become the new “it” spot of the city. All the new restaurants and stores are headed this way. So, if you like to be where the new and trendy are, this would definitely be the side of town for you.


While Horizon may be growing in numbers, up until recently the school selection wasn’t plentiful. There were two rival high schools, two middle schools, and the elementary feeder schools. However, within the last three years, there are schools close enough for bus rides and walks to feel safe.

While there are still just two high schools in the area, they are actually in two different school districts. Horizon High School, Horizon Middle School, and Desert Hills Elementary are all a part of Clint Independent School District. They are a smaller district with only 14 schools. Eastlake High School (the other high school in the area) along with three middle schools and five elementary schools are all part of the Socorro Independent School District which is one of the three large districts in El Paso County.

The schools in the area affiliated with the Socorro ISD have an average B rating with Ensor Middle School having an almost all A rating. The schools in Clint ISD in the Horizon area have an average of C ratings. These ratings can be found here on the Texas Education Agency website.

While school selection may have been limited for many years, new schools are being built to meet the growing community. In addition to these public school districts, Horizon is also home to two IDEA charter school campuses. Though the Horizon community is small, the choice for education continues to grow!

In a nutshell, if you are looking for clear nights with a bright moon, new and trendy dining, and affordable living, Horizon City is probably the best place to call home. This charming slice of Texas is sure to steal your heart.

For information about other parts of town, check out our Guide to Moving to El Paso.

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