Budget-Friendly Summer Fun Ideas


Summer Time Is Here!

When you feel like having some summer fun with the kids, you can do it without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for doing a budget-friendly summer fun day.

Go to a Spray Park

Our city not only has aquatic centers in various locations, but it also offers plenty of Spray Parks! The 2023 season for spray parks around the city begins May 27. You can locate the spray park closest to you by visiting the Parks and Recreation Facebook and Instagram pages as well as their website. These spray parks are FREE and are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 pm.

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Grab water, juice, fruits, and sandwiches to have your own picnic at the park. Going to Dollar Tree or even to Walmart will give you plenty of options for meals that you can make at a low cost while you are at the park. Not in the mood for sandwiches? Some quesadillas or burritos can do the trick!

Take a Walk or a Ride

We must admit our city has these beautiful mountains that are just special. If you are in the mood to have a great adventure, then go for a hike or even a ride on your bike for some summer fun. There are various locations around the Franklin Mountains and across the city where you can do hikes, walks, and rides with the family. Grab your water, tennis shoes, and some trail mix to take an early walk around our beautiful desert.

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You would be surprised by all the various locations that are pointed out by the website of Parks and Recreation as well as the Texas Parks & Wildlife website. Do note that if you want to explore more in the part of the Franklin Mountains, they have hours based on the seasons as well as a cost of $5 for adults and children over 12 years.

Dance the Night Away

It is surprising how active our city is during the summer. Al Fresco Fridays, McKelligon Canyon Ampitheatre, and Kermesses are just some of the many events happening during the summer. The Facebook and Instagram pages for Downtown El Paso and local churches are always promoting upcoming events. Entrances to these events are always free. The only cost you have will be food and parking.

Go All Out at Home

Being home is great! You have that liberty to be comfortable and at a low cost. Have balloons laying around from a birthday party? Fill them up and do a water balloon fight! Have a streaming service? Do a movie night! In the mood for something bigger? Do a BBQ at home! Get those hot dogs out and some chicken, get the grill going, turn on the water hose, and let the kids play and get wet while throwing the ball or running.

Summer Fun

Reading, Dancing, and Talking

The Public Library offers wonderful activities on a daily basis for people of all ages. Teenagers’ hang-out time, Lego time, Family story time, and many more. You will actually be surprised as to how many events take place. The Public Library website, Facebook, and Instagram page are always updated with events times and days.

We are often so concerned about not having those fancy trips out of town or summer camps for the kids that we forget we can still make those great memories of summer fun at home in El Paso.

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