A Mom’s Guide to Visiting Wet N’ Wild Waterworld

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Summer has officially arrived and there’s no better way to enjoy the season than cooling off and having fun. Wet N’ Wild Waterworld is the perfect place to visit this summer to create those sweet summer memories with your children.

Recently, some El Paso Mom team members visited Wet N’ Wild and have some mom tips to help make your visit go smoothly.

A Mom's Guide to Visiting Wet N' Wild Waterworld

Our Mom Tips for Visiting Wet N’ Wild Waterworld

  1. Go early, like as soon as it opens, to avoid the heaviest crowds. You can also pretty much bet on your child wearing themselves out and taking a glorious car nap on the way home.
  2. Grab a table in the main picnic area by the wave pool. They are only $10 to rent. There are multiple bathrooms and changing rooms in close proximity. This makes it so much easier to change out of wet swimsuits or take your preschooler on an emergency potty break. Another popular area to rent a picnic table is the “Island” area. Tables there are $15. All table rentals can be made online prior to visiting or once you arrive.
  3. Speaking of the picnic area, it has wonderful shade to take a break from the hot sun. Families can bring in their own tables, chairs, canopies, and even propane grills for free if they want to save some money.
  4. One mom says renting the cabana is 100% worth it
  5. When packing up for your fun-filled day, don’t forget the water shoes. Lines can be long and the concrete/wood can get very hot.
  6. If you have some at home, bring your own floaties for your kids. Wet N’ Wild does provide them, but they can run out of the kid-sized ones pretty quickly. One less thing to worry about!
  7. The main pools and kiddie spots are a bit away from each other. So be prepared to walk around to fully enjoy all that Wet N’ Wild has to offer.
  8. Pay attention to the direction of the wind. People bring charcoal and liquid smoke for grilling and the smell can be overwhelming all day.
  9. No glass is allowed in the waterpark. Yes, this includes the beloved pregnancy snack of pickles. So just pack them in a bag or plastic container before you leave your house.
  10. Drink lots and lots of water. I love to have a few water bottles completely frozen. Then as the day goes on, we have ice-cold water throughout our visit.
  11. If you plan to visit Wet N’ Wild more than once this summer (and we totally think you should!), check out their season passes. They are $59.99. By visiting just twice, you’ll have already saved money compared to the general admissions price.
  12. Babies under 1 are FREE and toddlers 1-3 are only $9.99

A Mom's Guide to Visiting Wet N' Wild Waterworld

Water Safety Tips

Wet N’ Wild Waterworld wants you to have the best summer ever, so here are a few water-safety tips to remember before visiting the waterpark with children.

  • Always assign a dedicated water watcher.
  • NEVER swim alone.
  • Water wings are fun. But they are not life-saving devices! Always wear a coast guard approved life vest if you or your child are not strong swimmers.
  • Read the safety signs and pool depth markers on all slides and pools
  • Learn basic CPR and always have pool rescue equipment, like a safety hook, at the pool in case of emergencies.


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