Mom Needs a Mental Health Day: My Recommendations


Life is completely unpredictable. Recently, I have been through a lot, and all of a sudden, I was pulled in a thousand different directions. Because of these changes, my mental health is still adjusting. I have come to the realization that I need a mental health day in order to regain focus and continue to be the best version of myself.

Moms need a mental health day too!

I love supporting local businesses, so with the idea of planning a mental health day, I am planning a day where I can take care of myself and support local businesses along the way. These are some of the ideas for a little self-care day.

Book a Staycation

Instead of booking a room in a hotel, I have come across this wonderful mom who owns an Airbnb. I fell in love with the bathtub and the calmness is seen throughout the house. Not only will booking this home help me get a little quiet time, but it also supports a local entrepreneur.

Mom Needs a Mental Health Day Too: My RecommendationsThis great mompreneur has various homes in the city. This business and other beautiful properties can always be found through Airbnb or other sites.

Netflix and Chill

Watching some movies will be on my to-do list. So, I am browsing through social media to find some of the best recommendations on movies or shows I can sit and enjoy! Some of my favorite shows at the moment are: New Amsterdam, You, and Love, Marriage & Divorce.


Food and snacks are a must. Facebook is now our yellow pages! You can simply search or ask in a group for food with delivery, and you find the best deals from local businesses. For food questions and recommendations, I follow the group Foodies of El Paso TX & Surrounding Areas.

» » » » »  RECOMMENDED RESOURCE: The Best Places for Brunch in the El Paso Area  « « « « « 

Beauty Time

Get face masks, bath salts, exfoliation cream, gel sets, and comfy PJs. All of these are part of my bag in order to get a little self-care.

I buy my face masks and other beauty products on Instagram from various small vendors. They tend to hold weekly lives in which they show items for sale at very cheap prices but with great quality. Some of my favorites are: Hazel Inspires, Adavea Shop, and Lovely Little Laila.

Quiet Time and Books

Meditation apps and a good book are a must. It can be an audiobook, e-book, or good old-fashion paper book. Getting a little bit of reading can bring so much peace. Some of my favorite meditation apps are: Happy Not Perfect, Mindful, and Audiobook.

Also, some books I really enjoyed are: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, Big Chicas Don’t Cry, and The Midnight Library.

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This might sound like a lot of things to do for a day of mental health. Not everything has to happen at once. You can always combine what works for you. But for me, planning a mental health day in this form is the best way to fully recharge myself after going through a period of exhaustion.

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Ana L. Diaz
Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ana Diaz was raised by her mother and her grandmother between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, TX. She became the first generation graduate in her family. Today, Ana is a devoted mother of three wonderful children: a 12-year-old son, a 4-year-old daughter, and a 2-year-old daughter. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with her career and community involvement, Ana exemplifies unwavering dedication and love for her family and community. Professionally, Ana is a valued member of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of El Paso. In addition to her professional endeavors, Ana is actively involved in various aspects of her children's lives. She serves as an engaged member of the PTA, supporting educational initiatives and fostering a sense of community within her children's school. As an orchestra and football mom, Ana dedicates her time and energy to enriching her children's extracurricular experiences, nurturing their talents, and cheering them on with unwavering enthusiasm.


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