Victoria Mendoza

Victoria Mendoza
Victoria is an auntie who recently returned to El Paso to help raise her niece (2016) and nephew (2019). Originally born in El Paso, she spent thirty years in Dallas, earning degrees in Psychology and Public Administration at UT Arlington and has been building a career in public education and the nonprofit sector. She’s also enjoyed previous roles as a personal stylist and a financial counselor. Victoria is an avid reader who loves bullet journaling, crafting, and training her newly adopted German Shepherd mix, Teddy. She looks forward to learning from and connecting with the diverse mom community in the Sun City! Follow her on Instagram @whatvictoriadid.
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Surprise a Single Mom with this Handmade Gift for Mother's Day

Surprise a Single Mom with this Handmade Gift for Mother’s Day

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Moving? Say Goodbye to Your Community with a Farewell Tour

Last summer, I moved back to El Paso to help my mom raise my niece and nephew. It was tough to say goodbye to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, my home for almost 30 years....