The Best of Both Worlds: Flexible Learning with Christian Values

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Christian families determining the appropriate school for their children’s academic, social, and moral development have many difficult factors to consider.

For example, do they give secular public schools a chance? Or are they better off considering a private school experience to foster their kids’ spiritual upbringing? And what about safety concerns surrounding brick-and-mortar schools? Are there options that allow for the flexibility of a personalized, online setting with the credentials for academic success?

The Best of Both Worlds: Flexible Learning with Christian ValuesBenefits of Faith-Based, Online Schooling

In tackling these challenges, numerous Christian parents are embracing virtual schooling to provide their children an edge within an ever-growing competitive educational arena—one that integrates Biblical truth around core knowledge curriculum.

Online Christian schools present an array of advantages to students and families alike, including enhanced flexibility and a personalized, faith-based learning journey that nurtures students’ self-assurance through active participation, as well as offers unique support and Faith Coaches.

FaithPrep Texas: An Enhanced Learning and Faith Experience

FaithPrep Texas is a private online Christian school serving students in grades K-12. It offers a unique program and support structure that enhances the learning and faith experience of the students as well as provides parents with the right strategies and techniques to help meet their student’s needs. Students at FaithPrep benefit from a holistic educational experience that provides rigorous academics — from a Christian worldview — while focusing on character development and life preparation.

The Best of Both Worlds: Flexible Learning with Christian ValuesFaithPrep has a variety of advantages over secular, public, and brick-and-mortar schools, including:

  • The unique Servant Learner program, in which students get a wholistic educational experience that provides rigorous academics from a Christian worldview and focuses on character development and life preparation
  • Support to enhance students’ learning and faith experience
  • Strategies and techniques to help parents meet their child’s unique needs
  • Matching every student with a Faith Advocate and joining them with a Faith Group
  • Access to online events such as chapel, assemblies, and guest lectures

FaithPrep Texas is more than just an online school program. It’s a place where, once you walk through their virtual doors, you are immediately part of the FaithPrep family, whose entire staff is devoted to providing the best online school experience possible and welcomes the opportunity to partner with parents and their child’s education.

Perhaps most importantly, FaithPrep believes that each student is made in the image of God, has a unique purpose, and can impact the world for good. FaithPrep Texas is a program of StoneGate Christian Academy in Irving and is part of the national FaithPrep network.

Chuck Wolfe_FaithPrep TexasChuck Wolfe is the CEO and Founder of FaithPrep Academy.

Visit the school’s website for more information.


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