Lone Star Online Academy Offers Virtual School for Early Grades

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Thousands of Texas families have made a brave choice for their students in recent years. They’ve found the right option for their children in a tuition-free online public school that offers state-certified teachers, a personalized approach, and a rigorous curriculum. 

Many parents seek out online public schools when it becomes clear as their children age that a traditional classroom is not supporting their college or career readiness. 

Unfortunately, this mindset has led to people thinking virtual public schools are only for older students. But that’s not true! 

Lone Star Online Academy Offers Virtual School for Early GradesLone Star Online Academy at Roscoe (LSOA), where I am a first-grade teacher, is one of the few virtual schools in Texas approved to enroll kids from kindergarten through 2nd grade (though we also serve students through 7th grade). We proudly offer options for families who know early in their children’s education journey that their neighborhood school isn’t the right fit.  

Some families just prefer to be more directly involved with their children’s education day-to-day. Others have concerns about crowded classrooms and want their kids to have more individualized attention. Some students have special needs.  

Whatever the reason, LSOA provides a full-time, certified education to students who live anywhere in Texas.  

And they don’t have to sacrifice some of the benefits of traditional school, such as extracurricular activities. We know clubs, social events, and field trips are all part of a complete education, so we make sure to include opportunities for everyone to participate.  

In addition, we believe kindness is a key part of a safe learning environment, and we are part of the Be Kind 365 campaign.  

No matter your student’s age or learning style, LSOA provides a full continuum of services to enable academic success. 

Leslie Burns_LSOALeslie Burns is a first-grade teacher at Lone Star Online Academy at Roscoe (LSOA).

Visit the school’s website for more information. 


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