5 Back-to-School Traditions to Start With Your Little Scholars


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been running around gathering uniforms, supplies, and everything else before school starts. Before we get too caught up in the school rush, I wanted to remind you to slow down and relish the first day of school and the beginning of another milestone. So here is a list of 5 fun back-to-school traditions.back-to-school traditionsGo Out to Dinner

One of our favorite outings is going out to eat as a family. Don’t add more to your plate by having to cook dinner on the first day back to school. If going to a sit-down restaurant is out of budget for you, that’s ok! Maybe pick up some fast food, or meal prep and enjoy a family dinner to discuss the highs and lows of the first day of school. (Maybe you could even head to a restaurant where kids eat free.)

Back-to-School Fashion Show

Buying new clothes is always fun. Now I know not all kids get to wear fun clothes that express their style every day, thank you school uniforms. But having them try on some of their uniform clothes and regular clothes and walking down the catwalk to some killer EDM music sound like a chance for a dance party, and we live off of those.

Back to School Interview Printable

This is a fun and quick back-to-school tradition to do with your school-aged children. Another fun idea would be to ask them the same questions at the end of the school year to see what’s changed and how much they’ve grown.

Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are not just for birthday parties. This does not have to be expensive. Hello Dollar Tree! A small yet thoughtful bag full of their favorite things or fun school supplies will fill their love tank.

Here are some ideas we have included (usually only three or four items). I linked as many as I could for you!

Celebrate Back to School with a Mom Party!

After you drop the kids off at school that first day, get together with other mom friends or family and celebrate!

Which of these back-to-school traditions will you begin in your home? Or maybe you have your own idea? We hope you have the best first day of school yet!

Originally published July 2022.

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