3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Finish Their Homework


The school year has begun, and it’s going by fast! Thankfully we are moving on from those mandatory school closures during the Covid days! But still, homework time can be a dreadful part of any child’s day–and parents’ too.


Of course, there are many helpful ways to encourage your child to finish their homework. But how? Where do we start? Here are three ways below:

Help them Get Organized

Organization can be hard, especially for young kids. Make sure they have a clean and organized space free from distractions. Remind them to pay close attention when their teacher assigns homework (usually teachers communicate with parents about assignments in the early grades, but it’s a good habit for them to practice). Always have them check their homework folder. Double check it for them, especially in elementary school.

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Give Them Some Down Time

Oftentimes, a child’s day doesn’t end right after school. Sometimes they have to go to daycare or maybe attend an after-school activity or sport. Let them have a little bit of downtime when they get home before they dive into more work again.

Furthermore, when they do finish their work, you can even offer a reward or special activity to do at the end of the week as a fun incentive for finishing their homework and completing their tasks.

A trip to Peter Piper for finishing homework and getting good grades.

Encourage your Child and Stay Positive

After a long day of school, I’m sure our children feel tired or maybe even a little stressed out. Yelling at them to do their homework will only make them dread it more. Homework time doesn’t always have to be a fight.

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Talk to them about it and ask them how they feel. It’s always beneficial to let them express themselves. Remind them to never give up and always try!

My daughter didn’t want to do her math homework. Why? Because she felt like it was too hard and didn’t want to try.

When this happens, encourage your child and let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes. You can help explain the assignment if they have trouble understanding it. Furthermore, you can also check out an encouraging read-aloud (like the one above) to emphasize the idea of trying your best.

Good luck with your nightly homework!


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