Amber Narvaez

Amber is a blogger and comfort enthusiast hailing from the Carolinas. She came to El Paso with her husband Luis via the Army and they are blessed with three little ones (two boys one girl). She is a SAHM, blogger, and critical care registered nurse with a love of wine, true crime, fashion, and all things food. Amber is a huge advocate for postpartum mental health and often shares her life as a busy neurospicy mom on the go. Her love language is coffee and good books. In her spare time she loves running, exploring new places, going to wine tastings, cooking new dishes, and watching Netflix.
Fort Bliss

El Paso Moving Guide: Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss, also known as the home of the 1st Armored Division, is the second largest Army base in the country, covering over 1.2 million acres of land in New Mexico and Texas. Adjacent...
There’s a First Time for Everything: Battling Postpartum Depression

A First Time for Everything: Battling Postpartum Depression

I distinctly remember staring down at those bold pink lines and the sound of my friends eagerly jumping on the other side of the bathroom door. I ran out to join them happily screaming...
Makeup Isn't Only for Thursdays: Raising a Strong, Confident Daughter

Makeup Isn’t Only for Thursdays: Raising a Confident Daughter

“Mama, can I do my eyebrow?” My three-year-old daughter repeatedly chants this familiar mantra at my feet during my morning routine. I hurriedly say, "Sure, sweetie." I accidentally hand her a mascara that she gladly...