A Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway To Cloudcroft, NM


Just two hours away from El Paso is a little haven: Cloudcroft, New Mexico. With higher elevation and cooler temperatures, it’s a great place to hike, camp, & explore nature!

Check out our top family-friendly weekend activities
A Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway To Cloudcroft, NM
Bluff Springs Cloudcroft

Where to Stay

The best options for your family-friendly weekend!

Aspen Group Campground

We had an amazing time camping here! The location is just 5 minutes from town, & it holds up to 70 people; Great if you have a big group. What we loved was it was closed off to traffic & our kids enjoyed biking around the loop!

Grand Cloudcroft Hotel

If you’re not into camping, there are plenty of options in town. Grand Cloudcroft Hotel has a great lodge-like feel!


If you want to be more out in nature, but don’t want to sleep in a tent, there are also great home rental options all around the area.

A Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway To Cloudcroft, NM
Aspen Group Campground

What To Do

Perfect activities for your family-friendly weekend!

Bluff Springs Waterfall Hike

This was perfect for our kids aged 2-9! You can explore the trail & get a great view of the surrounding area if you’d like, but if you don’t want to hike too far the waterfall is located right at the trailhead!

Sasquatch Experience

Right in town you can visit “Bigfoot Enterprises” to hunt for bigfoot! They also have ice cream & a fun gift shop. 


There are plenty of options right in town to get souvenirs and gifts. Our favorite store was High Altitude, a great sport for outdoor sporting goods!

A Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway To Cloudcroft, NM
Bluff Springs Waterfall

Places to Eat & Drink

Perfect spots for your family-friendly weekend!

Mad Jack’s Mountaintop BBQ

There is usually a line here to get in, and for a good reason: they have amazing BBQ! If you sit outside, they have a food truck area that usually goes a little quicker & on the weekends, they usually have live music.

Cloudcroft Brewing

After a hike, a cold drink & pizza hits the spot! They have a great patio too.

Black Bear Coffee Shop

When traveling with kids, a coffee pick-me-up is usually necessary. They have great specialty lattes & of course all the classics.

If you’re looking for a fun & adventurous family-friendly weekend getaway, Cloudcroft, NM is just the place!

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A Family-Friendly Weekend Getaway To Cloudcroft, NM
Sasquatch Encounter Cloudcroft


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