Throw a Pool Party Even If You Don’t Have a Traditional Pool


The summers in El Paso are, let’s say…HOT! There are many beautiful public pools & spray parks all across the city. But I don’t want to pack up my life for the day when it’s unbearably hot.

So here’s a fun idea for a pool day without the traditional pool.

BYOP- Bring your own pool! Invite a few friends over and have everyone bring their own inflatable pool.

Have a Pool Party Even If You Don't Have a Traditional PoolTarget, Amazon, and Family Dollar have some great budget-friendly options. This is such a fun and unique idea that your kids will remember it for years. Our church did something similar a few years ago, and my kids are still talking about it.

How to make sure your Bring Your Own Pool Party is a SPLASH:

  1. Hydration Station: The desert heat is no joke. It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially for children and the elderlyHaving a hydration station is a great focal point for your party and serves an important purpose. Fresh water is great but think about some fun drinks like aqua frescas, sparkling water, or water with fresh-cut fruit like cucumbers, raspberries, or strawberries. (Plus they are super pretty).
  2. Snacks: Fresh air and water play are sure to spark an appetite. Mini sandwiches, protein balls, and Sun Chips are great choices.
  3. Have a Sunscreen Spot: It’s a good idea to keep some sunscreen options available so you and your guests can reapply after prolonged water play.
  4. Pool Party Playlist: You have to have cool tunes. Apple Music and Pandora have some great family-friendly stations.

Having one or more responsible adults supervising the pool area is VERY important. Accidents can happen in any depth of water, so never leave kiddos unattended, even in a mini pool.

Check out my Amazon shopping list to help you get your party started! Have fun and stay cool


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