The Dad He Didn’t Have To Be: How My Husband Became My Son’s Dad


Some moms have either experienced this or know a mom who has. Raising a child without a biological father can be filled with uncertainty, sadness, and many more emotions. I was one to deal with this. Somehow, life led to my ex-husband going down another path that didn’t involve me, and there I stood, three months pregnant and alone.

I went through pregnancy alone and birthed my son with my mom by my side.

I went through the first year of his life as a single parent. Through it all, my thoughts always reverted to “my son deserves a father”. At some point, I had accepted it would only be my son and I. Then, shortly after celebrating his 1st birthday, I met the man who would change our lives.

When my now husband, Wes, and I first started dating, I was very hesitant to allow him to get close to my son.

It was so different and fresh, I had no expectations. As we got more serious, I admired how well he interacted with my little toddler. From playing with him to getting him his milk, Wes was always so happy to take part.

Then, the anticipated conversation happened.

Jaylen was learning to speak and the question came up: “What should he call you?”. Without hesitation, Wes responded, “If you are okay with it, he can call me Dad”. I was initially shocked, but then in that moment, I realized he truly loved the two of us and was in this for the long haul. He WANTED to be his dad, unlike my son’s biological father.

Wes’s family, from the first moment, loved my son as if he was biologically theirs. This made everything even more organic. I truly believe things were meant to happen for a reason. We then began the process of terminating my ex-husband’s parental rights and were successful after two years.

We are now in the adoption process, so legally, Wes will forever be his dad.

Although this process has shown to be taxing, those who know us are so supportive of the journey and already consider my son’s last name as Copeland (Wes’ last name) because that is his dad. My son is a Copeland. Legal or not, this is the man who will fight until his dying breath to protect and be there for his son

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He is the dad he didn’t have to be.

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Sam Copeland
Sam Copeland is a proud mom of a son, Jaylen (born in 2018), and is married to her best friend Wesley Copeland. Sam is also an animal lover and has a few pets of her own. Sam was born and raised in Odessa, Texas and made her way to the Fort Hancock, Texas area back in 2020. Although she resides in a surrounding town, a majority of her family's life is in El Paso. Sam is a Veterinary Technician; she started in veterinary medicine in 2014, and has spent a majority of the time working in emergency medicine and eventually transitioned to a work-from-home position in 2022 that is animal health related. Having a work/life balance has led to her now having time to enjoy parenthood, focus on her marriage, find new hobbies, and be uniquely herself. Sam is a strong advocate for mental health as a result of her own trials and tribulations. Sam is excited to share her love for El Paso and other things!


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