Here’s To You: Mom

Acknowledging where you or someone else is in their motherhood journey does not negate your journey, it validates that motherhood is beautiful from all angles. Here’s To You:

Here’s To You

The one running on E. With no makeup and dirty hair.

The one who cooks and cleans. Sometimes she cries and wonders.

Am I doing this right? Will they be alright?

You do it all. Yet ask for no praise at all.

Selfless in every way; putting everyone first, even forgetting your worth.

Every stretch mark and scar. Every pound and dimple.

Even on the days you think you’ve failed, in your weakest moments.

Even when you’re exhausted, your worth doesn’t change.

Your beauty runs deeper than your skin. You are worth more than gold and rubies.

Your worth is not in who you are but in who you are, and no one can take that away.

Here's To You: Mom

Here’s To You

The one without a child. Whose already a mother in their heart yet waiting for their motherhood journey to begin.

The one who aches to hear a newborn cry. Who never had the chance and wonders why.

The one who carried more in your womb than what the world can see. Who had to say goodbye and ask, why me?

The one who lost a future and a dream. You longed for the days that could have been, the first steps and a walk down the aisle.

You are so loved; not because of who you can carry in your womb but because of who you can carry in your heart.

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Here’s To You

The one who chose blended and blessed. Who decided to show us that love has no limits.

The one who chooses every day to extend their arms wide open. Who gave love another chance.

The one who shows us that second and even third and fourth chances are not just the start, but who have been courageous enough to let love reinvent their heart.

Here’s To You

The one with the empty house, and misses the messes and noise.

The one who is wrinkled from laughs and cries, who raised who we are today.

Your house may be quiet, and your hair may be grey, but the wisdom you passed on is invaluable every day.

Here's To You: MomHere’s To You

The one sitting there wrestling in your chair. Whose waiting for a groom.

The one dreaming of being a mother. The best is yet to come. Please hold on to that promise.

You are noticed and oh so very loved.

Here’s To You

The one who walked into that clinic and walked out a different person, whose loss hurts deeper than we know

The one who feels so ashamed of their past. You are not your past

You see there is a love that surpasses all understanding. And no matter what you’ve done, you can’t escape a love and forgiveness that is never-ending.

Here’s To You

The one adopting or fostering, whose love extends beyond borders

The one who saw the need and answered their calling. Your love is precious and kind.

Your calling is rare and beautiful. Thank you for letting us witness a love so pure.

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Here’s To You

The one doing this alone, playing two parts.

The one exceeding in every way; Your work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your sacrifice isn’t overlooked. And your love is astounding.

Here’s To You

The one pouring out to our youth and praying over the next generation.

The one leading by example. The world may say differently. But in our eyes, you lead so many.

Thank you for loving our children as your own.

Here’s To You

The one missing a mom, who is longing for a tender hug.

The one aching for a sweet smile. And hoping for the phone to ring.

You are not alone. We mourn with you.

Your mom will never be forgotten. After all, YOU are the one who made her a mom.

Here's To You: MomHere’s To You

Every Mom. No matter your past.

No matter your present.

Whether you are young or old.

Whether your arms are overflowing or aching for more.

We celebrate you because YOU are brave.


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